New friends and more money for the apes

I really enjoyed singing in Mulligans of Amsterdam last night. It’s always a pleasure to play there anyway, but there was a nice crowd in last night thanks to Brad having set it up as a Live Music Meetup. So we got to meet new people from as far afield as Slovakia, Russia and New Zealand and I’ve been able to throw some more money into the jar for my Singing for the Apes project.

A good start…

There’s a saying in Irish that goes Tús maith leath na hoibre, meaning “a good start is half the work”. I went busking in the Vondelpark yesterday as a start on my Singing for the Apes effort, managing to raise about €38 in an hour. So definitely a good start, but unfortunately far from half the work, as I’m aiming to raise a total of €3,333.

Still, a sunny day in the Vondelpark, perfect acoustics under the bridge, smiling tourists wandering by, and singing songs I like to sing: it’s a very pleasant way to pass the time, so I’ll be happy to spend many more hours doing the same. I won’t raise the full amount this way – the pub gigs will help too – but I intend to spend a fair bit of time playing in the streets of Amsterdam over the summer.