I’m loving SoundCloud

I’ve never been 100% happy with the way I was presenting my own recordings on this website. I used a neat WordPress plugin called WPaudio that looking for links to mp3 files in the page and puts a little player on top of them. But what I was really looking for was a player where I could upload a whole lot of tracks and have them play sequentially – and ideally one that looks good too. Enter SoundCloud.

I first signed up for SoundCloud about three years ago, but I think it had only just launched then and didn’t have the full feature set it has today. I’ve seen it popping up here and there since then and I finally decided to take another look. It turns out that it does pretty much everything I’d like it to do now. I realise that BandCamp can probably do the same thing, but my recordings are all in mp3 format and I can’t be bothered trascoding them to a format that BandCamp will accept. So for now I’m going with SoundCloud. There are a couple of players like the one below now on my Songs & Music page, one featuring my own compositions and one with a few covers that I’ve recorded over the years.

My Songs by eoghan