Music to get married to

One of the four songs I recorded earlier this month – called If I Take You – has quite a nice back story to it. About 18 months ago my good friend (and self-appointed Number One Fan) Mairéad Maguire asked whether I’d be willing to write a song for her wedding, which was then over a year away. She had told fiancé Phil that she would take care of finding a song to which she could walk up the aisle.

I was keen to take on the challenge, but couldn’t guarantee that I’d succeed or, indeed, that Mairéad would like what I would come up with. She reassured me that she had a fallback option, so there was no pressure. As it happened, I did in the end come up with a song I was happy with – and, more importantly, that she was happy with.

I sang it on the big day in Dublin, as she was accompanied down the aisle by her dad. I think it went down well; Mairéad and Phil were certainly happy and I got some nice feedback from others too. I also sang/played the other songs they had chosen together for the ceremony. It was an eclectic selection that took in the Cowboy Junkies, the Saw Doctors and a Eurovision Song Contest winner!

If I Take You was one of four songs I recorded earlier this month. I decided to package them together as an EP called Highs and Lows, inspired by the line in the chorus of If I Take You. It also includes the songs Aynsley (I never meant to make you cry), Have No Regrets, and Half-Hearted Love Affair.

Eoghan at Mairéad and Phil's wedding

Rehearsing before the wedding.

Phil & Mairéad

The (very) happy couple.