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Clouds and words

I used Wordle.net this week for the first time. It’s great! I used it to do a quick analysis of some qualitative responses to a survey we had conducted amongst the members of the association I work for. It’s a good way of getting a quick overview trends in the text and the word clouds created look fantastic. They translate...


Can’t find the right font? Flipping typical

Making posters, flyers, handouts and the like it’s sometimes hard to decide on which font(s) to use and can be tedious to click through each font available, which is where flipping typical comes in. It shows you a random selection of the fonts on your PC, initially showing how each looks with the words “Flipping Typical”. You can change the...


Browser-based photo and image editing

Pixlr is a cool little tool for quick edits to images. If you want to quickly crop, resize or touch up an image, it’s really easy to use. Obviously not as powerful as Photoshop, but it’s entirely web-based and free-of-charge. Try it…