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Memory bottle

When Nadine and I left Geneva in May 2009 we were presented, at our going-away party, with a pair of Sigg water bottles. Both red and featuring the Swiss cross, they were an ideal memento of our time back Lac LĂ©man. But what made them particularly special was that, before giving them to us, Peter and Tonya arranged for everyone...


Mapping web trends

Back when I worked in a role more focused on media and technology I used to have a printout of the latest Web Trends map from Information Architects pinned above my desk. The maps attempt to capture the most significant websites and online trends of the moment in the format of a public transport network (in this case the Tokyo...


The world’s fifty most powerful blogs

This is a fantastic compendium of essential online reading – it dates from a couple of years ago but still seems to be up to date. I had been aware of many of these blogs already, but it’s interesting to get this overview of where they came from, how they’re funded, who writes them, etc… e.g. “Treehugger began as an...