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2012: good reads and listens

With Robert’s arrival late last year I’ve had less time for reading, but we’ve still been listening to lots of music. So, in no particular order, these were the five books and albums that I enjoyed most during 2012 (all bought during the year, but not necessarily published/released this year): Books Little Gods by Anna Richards – freakishly tall girl...


Moya Brennan – Collège des Coudriers – 06.12.2012

From start to finish this was a thoroughly enjoyable evening of songs and music that left me feeling supremely relaxed, nostalgic for home and for my childhood, and just a little bit Christmassy. Moya Brennan, the lead singer of Clannad, they of the haunting harmonies and Celtic melodies, led her band in a beautifully balanced set of old folk songs...