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2012: good reads and listens

With Robert’s arrival late last year I’ve had less time for reading, but we’ve still been listening to lots of music. So, in no particular order, these were the five books and albums that I enjoyed most during 2012 (all bought during the year, but not necessarily published/released this year): Books Little Gods by Anna Richards – freakishly tall girl...


Suzanne Vega – D! Club – 04.11.2012

My student days at DCU influenced my own music activities in two major ways. Firstly there were the regular gigs in the student union bar, singing Britpop, Beatles and Christy Moore to crowds of drunken students. I cut my live teeth during those years and have some hazy memories of great nights. But the other big influence centred around the...


Suzanne Vega – Melkweg – 05.11.2010

I saw Suzanne Vega in Paris around 2000 or 2001 and I recall being really impressed by her performance. Ten years later the set list was largely the same, as was the format – Vega on acoustic guitar accompanied by an electric guitarist (Gerry Leonard I think). It’s hard to tell after so many years, but I seem to recall...