I’m an Irish guy living in Switzerland who likes to play the guitar and sing. Scroll down for various bits and pieces related to my musical activities. (I’m also a freelance communications consultant, but you can find out more about that over here.)

My name, in case you’re wondering, is pronounced like “Owen”.

The Geek Song revisited

I wrote the song We Got Geeks on the occasion of a 2012 open source software conference in Geneva (there’s a blog post here). I decided to sing it again this week when I was invited to do a short set on Art Hub Live, a new platform designed to help artists and venues to find new ways of connecting with their audiences. It arose from a COVID-19-inspired hackathon aiming to find innovative ways of overcoming some of the negative impacts of the crisis, in this case the disappearance of revenue streams for performers and the venues they play in. I was really pleased to be asked to help test the platform and I wish the team well with the venture.

As it happens, the Geek Song was also the subject of a message I received out of the blue a couple of months ago. An American-football-themed podcast called End Zone Geekz UK asked whether they could use the song as their theme music. I, of course, said yes. Indeed, they didn’t really have to ask since, having written the song for an open source software event, I have made it available under a Creative Commons license that means anyone can use it for any non-commercial purpose as long as they share it under the same terms. You can download a recording from SoundCloud.

The (COVID-19) Basement Sessions

For the eight weeks or so that Switzerland was on its maximum level of confinement during the COVID-19 pandemic, I streamed concerts on Facebook live from my basement twice per week.

There’s a blog post about the experience here. I’ve been continuing the Wednesday night sessions (where I sing my own songs) on into June…not sure how long I’ll keep them going. Follow Eoghan Sings on Facebook for notifications.

Embedded below is one of the Saturday covers sessions, where I did only songs by female songwriters.

The Basement Sessions (Saturday 2 May 2020, 21:30 CEST)

For this week's Basement Session I'll be singing songs originally written or performed by women. I'll be mostly focusing on songwriters, but open to all suggestions!

Posted by Eoghan sings on Saturday, 2 May 2020

Four new songs

July 2019: I was happy (and relieved) to write three new songs in the last few months, and to finish another that first came together a year ago. I’ve done basic demo recordings of all four.

Fête de la musique

I played with The Papas for the Fête de la musique 2019 in both Nyon and Geneva. It was great! (There’s a little video too…)

The Papas at Geneva Fête de la musique 2019

Wiser Heads

Four new recordings on a new EP from The Papas. Read all about it! (Or just jump straight to the songs here.)

Live performances

I’m peforming quite a bit in the Geneva area these days, mostly as one half of The Papas. You can find us in Mulligan’s Irish Pub, Geneva on the last Saturday of every month among other places. We play a mix of (mostly) covers and original songs. More info on our website.

One big highlight in recent times was being the opening act for Luka Bloom when he played in Geneva. (The photo at the top of this page, by George Leitenberger, was taken that night.)

Join my mailing list if you want to hear about upcoming performances. I promise not to spam you! And if there’s somewhere you’d like me to perform, get in touch!

The Moi Aussi song

In 2017 I was invited to write a song for a Swiss foundation that raises awareness of Down Syndrome. Both the foundation and the song, which is in French, are called Moi Aussi. Read more about the project here. And there’s a new recording of the song available now, on the first EP from The Papas.

“Moi aussi, parfois je ris, j’ai peur, je doute, je rêve aussi;
Moi non plus, je n’aime pas être exclus,
Je suis ici, moi aussi.”

Studio recordings

I’ve recorded my songs in studios four times now, most recently in February 2019.

You can find my songs on just about all music platforms (including Spotify, Google Music, Apple Music, etc.) if you search for my name, but you can also just click through to my SONGS page.

Songs for my sons

I’ve written (so far) a song each for my boys Declan and Robert. While there are studio recordings of both, by The Papas, the videos below feature the first demos I did of each.

Turning Forty

I celebrated my 40th birthday (in 2017) in style, with a big musical celebration at Mulligan’s of Geneva. In the end, 43 different people sang and/or played on stage that night. It was awesome!

The world’s only song about the fossa?

“‘He’s the biggest beast on the island to the east of Africa so they say…”

I think I’ve written the world’s only song about the fossa. It’s educational and catchy.

The Geek Song

I was asked to play at a festival of open source software way back in 2012. To mark the occasion I wrote a song about geeks.

The video features Mark Lawrence, who joined me for the gig. He’s not a geek, but he’s a brilliant musician.