Playing to the crowd

Three weeks, three very different gigs, three very different audiences. One Tuesday morning in late November I finally delivered on a promise to bring my guitar down to the crèche that Robert and Declan attend, the Little Green House in Gland, to join in song-time. I had an enthusiastic audience, none more so than Robert, who…Continue readingPlaying to the crowd

In search of the Perfect Christmas video

A quick recap: David Graham and I wrote and, in 2013, recorded a Christmas song We had a nice animated video made for it, and tried the DIY approach to promoting the single for Christmas 2013… …without a huge amount of success So we spent a bit of money to hire a promoter for Christmas…Continue readingIn search of the Perfect Christmas video

John Spillane – Collège des Coudriers – 05.12.2015

John Spillane has, on the strength of this one concert, become one of my favourite songwriters. Before last Saturday I was familiar with him mostly by name and reputation, with Christy Moore’s very nice version of Magic Nights In The Lobby Bar being the only song of his that I could name. I had a…Continue readingJohn Spillane – Collège des Coudriers – 05.12.2015

Selling myself

I’m excited about a gig I have coming up on Friday this week, when I’ll play at Le Box, in Carouge. I’m one of two support acts, with a duo called Zepless at the head of the bill. It’s a dedicated music venue with a proper audio and lighting set-up, dedicated sound engineer and –…Continue readingSelling myself

Sufjan Stevens – Théâtre du Léman – 20.09.2015

(I usually try to get these little reviews published in the days immediately following a gig but last week was a busy one. Got to keep up the habit though!) This was not an easy gig to sit through. I had fallen out of touch with Sufjan Stevens’ music over the past few years, but…Continue readingSufjan Stevens – Théâtre du Léman – 20.09.2015

Iain’s Acoustic Jukebox

Last night in Mullligan’s of Geneva I was joined by friends, old and new, for The Acoustic Jukebox, an evening to remember Iain Twigg and raise money for The Brain Tumour Charity. What a night! The idea was that I would play any and all requests received, as long as they came with a donation.…Continue readingIain’s Acoustic Jukebox

Wiser heads on older shoulders

Noel Gallagher was the guest on the BBC radio show Desert Island Discs recently. Aside from some excellent music choices, the conversation was really interesting. He came across as intelligent, eloquent and witty, with some insightful things to say about music. The introduction to the show quoted him as saying that “music is a thing…Continue readingWiser heads on older shoulders

Andrew Bird – Les Docks, Lausanne – 01.07.2015

This was, I think, the fourth time I’ve seen Andrew Bird play live. Every performance has been amazing, but this was the best. He was totally in the zone, giving it everything and playing with a precision that I think was missing when I last saw him, in Amsterdam in 2011. (His head may have…Continue readingAndrew Bird – Les Docks, Lausanne – 01.07.2015

Of Monsters and Men – Les Docks, Lausanne – 30.06.2015

It’s just under three years since I first saw Of Monsters and Men in concert, a gig that I enjoyed hugely. They had six musicians on stage for that gig in Amsterdam, so they must be doing okay for themselves given that they were up to nine for this tour (including a couple of brass…Continue readingOf Monsters and Men – Les Docks, Lausanne – 30.06.2015

Singing in the sunshine

Lots of al fresco musical adventures in the past six weeks or so, from jamming with Ecolint teachers at the end of an in-service training day, to doing short sets at a couple of the school fairs where I was working (in my capacity as Ecolint’s alumni guy), to our local village festival and, most…Continue readingSinging in the sunshine