Me and Christy Moore

Poking through a drawer at home recently I stumbled upon a minidisc containing a radio documentary that I produced in 1997 about the legendary Irish folk singer Christy Moore. The documentary – titled Welcome to the Cabaret – and a written report about it together formed the thesis that I had to submit for my…Continue readingMe and Christy Moore

A song for “my silver son”

Tomorrow, 2 April 2015, our second son Declan will be one year old. As any parent to more than one child will know, there’s a huge disparity between the amount of time and attention showered on baby #1 compared to baby #2. For Robert’s first birthday we created a montage of photos of some (!)…Continue readingA song for “my silver son”

90 reasons why I’ve enjoyed my first year at Ecolint

It’s just about a year since I took up the post of Alumni Officer at the International School of Geneva (or Ecolint, as it’s commonly known). In those twelve months I’ve met hundreds of our alumni in person and interacted with many hundreds more electronically. Looking back, I think the part I’ve enjoyed the most…Continue reading90 reasons why I’ve enjoyed my first year at Ecolint

James Taylor – 07.03.2015 – Théâtre du Léman, Geneva

James Taylor has a reputation for being one of the music industry’s genuinely nice guys. He’s been around since the late sixties (signed by the Beatles to their Apple label in 1968) and is most famous for singing songs that he wrote more than forty years ago, so he could easily be a bit tired…Continue readingJames Taylor – 07.03.2015 – Théâtre du Léman, Geneva

The Decemberists – Kaufleuten, Zurich – 28.02.2015

I’d been waiting for an opportunity to catch The Decemberists live for almost ten years now. I thought maybe we’d missed the boat since leaving Amsterdam, so when I saw they’d be passing through Zurich on the current tour I jumped at the chance. They were well worth the wait! It was the second last…Continue readingThe Decemberists – Kaufleuten, Zurich – 28.02.2015

Three stars and the truth

Having failed to set the world alight with our first attempt to make it to the top of the Christmas pops with our song A Perfect Christmas, we decided to have one more crack of the whip and throw a bit of money at the problem. Following 2013’s DIY approach to music promo, this time…Continue readingThree stars and the truth


It snowed a lot here last weekend. I don’t recall ever seeing so much snow down at the level of Lake Geneva (or Lac Léman, to use its official name), with the possible exception of one year around 2006 or so when Geneva itself froze up for a week. In our village of Vich, just…Continue readingSnowfolk

Top tip on bike rental in Amsterdam

I had the pleasure of spending 24 hours in Amsterdam this week, organising a dinner for Netherlands-based alumni of the school I work for. (The Apotheek room at the Pultizer Hotel, where we held the dinner for 14 people, was a perfect venue for this kind of thing. The food was excellent too.) It was…Continue readingTop tip on bike rental in Amsterdam

In the Hot Spot on a cold night

I played last night in the Hot Spot Music Club, a new-ish venue in Greystones, the town where I grew up. I was a bit nervous about playing in Ireland for the first time in about ten years and singing in front of an audience that was for the most part friends and family (plus…Continue readingIn the Hot Spot on a cold night

Passport posing

Getting Robert to pose in a manner that would be acceptable to the Irish passport service proved difficult, but fun. (Click the image for a bigger version.)Continue readingPassport posing