Back in the saddle again

Thanks to my fellow Geneva expat musician Mark Lawrence I’ve had the opportunity to sing again over the last couple of weeks. Mark plays every Monday night at Paddy’s Pub in Ferney, just across the French border on the north side of Geneva. It’s a nice gig: early start and early finish with a warm…Continue readingBack in the saddle again

Roughly Covered: Close Encounters – Lake Montgomery

Last week on Facebook my friend Max Vanremmerden posted a challenge to members of the Amsterdam Songwriters Guild: “Cover and record a song you like from one of the members of the ASG and post the link to audio or video on this events page.” Challenge accepted! One of the ASG artists that impresses me…Continue readingRoughly Covered: Close Encounters – Lake Montgomery

I’ll be around

I’m pretty pleased with this performance of I’ll Be Around. It was recorded by Charlie Silvestri at Mulligans of Amsterdam on Thursday 21 April 2011.Continue readingI’ll be around

New friends and more money for the apes

I really enjoyed singing in Mulligans of Amsterdam last night. It’s always a pleasure to play there anyway, but there was a nice crowd in last night thanks to Brad having set it up as a Live Music Meetup. So we got to meet new people from as far afield as Slovakia, Russia and New…Continue readingNew friends and more money for the apes

A good start…

There’s a saying in Irish that goes Tús maith leath na hoibre, meaning “a good start is half the work”. I went busking in the Vondelpark yesterday as a start on my Singing for the Apes effort, managing to raise about €38 in an hour. So definitely a good start, but unfortunately far from half…Continue readingA good start…

Roughly Covered: Run – Snow Patrol

My buddy Marc asked me to record myself playing Snow Patrol’s Run, so, being an obliging chap, I did. It’s a one-take recording, warts and all. Just me, my guitar and the mic. (I tried to make it sound a little better using Adobe Audition, but I’m very much a novice in that regard.) I…Continue readingRoughly Covered: Run – Snow Patrol

Pre-selecting songs

I sang last Thursday night in Mulligans of Amsterdam and, unusually for me, decided on a set list in advance. Since most of the groups and artists that perform there play Irish trad or folk I focused on folky songs, with an Irish connection in many cases – and all songs that I really like…Continue readingPre-selecting songs

There’s No Me Without You (or You Completely Complete Me)

A sentimental little ditty I wrote a couple of years ago. I like it when people sing along. This was recorded last night in the Jet Lounge, Amsterdam, where I was performing with Luke Nyman. You can find one of Luke’s songs from last night here.Continue readingThere’s No Me Without You (or You Completely Complete Me)

Musical friends and aquaintances

Everyone’s releasing something these days. It seems every week brings a new album or EP from people I’ve known or performed with, either back in Ireland or as part of the sprawling ASG network here in Amsterdam. Max Vanremmerden I’m listing Max here first as his new album is definitely the most unique, imaginative of…Continue readingMusical friends and aquaintances