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Beirut / GOASTT – For Noise, Pully – 21.08.2014

I had wanted to see Beirut live for a long time and was really looking forward to this one. While they tend to get mentioned in the same breath as other indie-folk-rock bands like Fleet Foxes or Bon Iver, their sound is quite unique. Brass instruments are to the fore, with trombone and a pair of trumpets (one played by...


18 minutes of musical bliss

A bunch of very talented musicians play the B-side of Abbey Road live in the studio itself. As far as I know the Beatles never did this themselves as they had long given up playing live by then (bar the odd session on the roof). If you’re a Beatles fan this really is a joy to watch and listen to....


Clouds and words

I used Wordle.net this week for the first time. It’s great! I used it to do a quick analysis of some qualitative responses to a survey we had conducted amongst the members of the association I work for. It’s a good way of getting a quick overview trends in the text and the word clouds created look fantastic. They translate...