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Me and Christy Moore

Poking through a drawer at home recently I stumbled upon a minidisc containing a radio documentary that I produced in 1997 about the legendary Irish folk singer Christy Moore. The documentary – titled Welcome to the Cabaret – and a written report about it together formed the thesis that I had to submit for my BA in Communication Studies at...


Christy Moore and friends – Vicar Street – 12.10.2014

A visit to Ireland last weekend meant that I missed out on Luka Bloom’s return visit to Geneva; but it also meant that I had a chance to catch his big brother in concert in Dublin. Christy Moore is nothing less than a – perhapsĀ the – living legend of Irish folk music. At his gig last Sunday in Vicar Street...


Crilly goes to Rio

My good friend Alan McCafferty, who I first met 20 years ago (eek!) at Dublin City University where we were both studying Communication Studies, has always been something of a wordsmith. He got in touch earlier this week to ask whether I’d be able to quickly record some lyrics he’d written, inspired by Christy Moore’s famous Joxer goes to Stuttgart...