Selling myself

I’m excited about a gig I have coming up on Friday this week, when I’ll play at Le Box, in Carouge. I’m one of two support acts, with a duo called Zepless at the head of the bill. It’s a dedicated music venue with a proper audio and lighting set-up, dedicated sound engineer and –…Continue readingSelling myself

In the Hot Spot on a cold night

I played last night in the Hot Spot Music Club, a new-ish venue in Greystones, the town where I grew up. I was a bit nervous about playing in Ireland for the first time in about ten years and singing in front of an audience that was for the most part friends and family (plus…Continue readingIn the Hot Spot on a cold night

Bruce Springsteen – Stade de Genève – 03.07.2013

So now I understand. For years friends whose musical guidance I regard highly would rave about Bruce Springsteen, but I never really got it. Sure, I could hum along to Born To Run and have been known to perform The River in bars now and again. But I couldn’t really see what inspired the passion…Continue readingBruce Springsteen – Stade de Genève – 03.07.2013

We got geeks…and dolphins

Colleagues at the EBU were involved this week with RMLL 2012, a big event dedicated to the Free & Open Source Software movement hosted this year in Geneva. I performed on Monday as part of an arts festival taking place on the fringes of the event. On the suggestion of a colleague I wrote a…Continue readingWe got geeks…and dolphins

Back in the saddle again

Thanks to my fellow Geneva expat musician Mark Lawrence I’ve had the opportunity to sing again over the last couple of weeks. Mark plays every Monday night at Paddy’s Pub in Ferney, just across the French border on the north side of Geneva. It’s a nice gig: early start and early finish with a warm…Continue readingBack in the saddle again

Tom McRae – Melkweg – 29.03.2010

We went to see Tom McRae at the Melkweg last night. I’ve been aware of him for quite a few years but never really got around to listening to any of his music. The gig was reasonably good – and very much enjoyed by the core of dedicated fans up at the front. His five…Continue readingTom McRae – Melkweg – 29.03.2010