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A service that money can’t buy

Damn you Google and your excellent free products! I really, really wanted to pay somebody to store a back-up of our music collection online and make it available on a web-based player. The convenience and reassurance offered by such a service was/is something worth paying for. But in the end it’s Google Music that has solved the problem for us...


Initial thoughts on Google+

[These are some thoughts I jotted down for a web professionals discussion group I follow. The question asked was how people are considering using Google+, the people in question working mostly for international organisations and associations.] One of the big differences with Facebook is the asynchronous nature of relationships: when you add a friend on Facebook they must grant you...



Don’t you just hate it when you forget to attach something you said was attached? In this case the email, from my work account using Outlook, included the words “happy to provide the attached PDF version“. Would it be so hard for Microsoft to include a little tool that detects the words “attachment”, “attached”, etc… and, where a sent item...