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Lisa Hannigan at Halfway Festival 2014 in Białystok, Poland. Photo: Krystian Różycki

Lisa Hannigan – Alhambra – 10.02.2017

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost five years since I saw Lisa Hannigan playing in Lausanne. That gig was in a much smaller, more intimate venue, which is one reason I enjoyed it more than last night’s Antigel date in Geneva. But I think it was also because I have been finding it hard to get into her...


Lisa Hannigan – Bleu Lézard – 08.05.2012

It’s been more than eight months since I posted a gig review here. For that I can mostly blame moving from Amsterdam to Geneva (fewer gigs on tap) and becoming a father (fewer opportunities to go out). So I was really pleased to be able to go to see Lisa Hannigan in Lausanne this week, in a tiny venue that...


Bell x1 – Amstelkerk – 09.12.2010

You can’t really go wrong with the unplugged format. If (and I suppose that can be a big if) the songs are strong enough, any professional band should be able to pull off an entertaining set with just a couple of acoustic guitars, a bass and a sprinkling of piano. And yet I couldn’t help thinking to myself during this...