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Shearwater – Nouveau Monde – 28.02.2016

Fribourg’s Nouveau Monde is a very cool venue. The building is the town’s old railway station, with the bar in the main hall and the music venue in one of the wings. The room is a nice size, fitting only a few hundred people. There was a decent crowd for Shearwater, but it was far from full. I drove up...


Ryan Adams – Concertgebouw – 28.06.2011

Wow, what a gig! Ryan Adams played for about two and half hours last night in the Concertgebouw, an unusual venue for a rock gig, but perfect for this acoustic set. Just him, his guitar (sometimes piano) and a bunch of songs that drew heavily on the Heartbreaker album; and not too much from his more commercial albums. He was...


Laura Marling – Melkweg – 05.04.2010

Finally some sense! Close to the end of her show in the Oude Zaal at the Melkweg last night Laura Marling explained that she would do two more songs and that would be it. She said that being a regular gig-goer in London she resented the fact that every single gig involved having to call the band back on stage...