Playing to the crowd

Three weeks, three very different gigs, three very different audiences. One Tuesday morning in late November I finally delivered on a promise to bring my guitar down to the crèche that Robert and Declan attend, the Little Green House in Gland, to join in song-time. I had an enthusiastic audience, none more so than Robert, who…Continue readingPlaying to the crowd

In search of the Perfect Christmas video

A quick recap: David Graham and I wrote and, in 2013, recorded a Christmas song We had a nice animated video made for it, and tried the DIY approach to promoting the single for Christmas 2013… …without a huge amount of success So we spent a bit of money to hire a promoter for Christmas…Continue readingIn search of the Perfect Christmas video

Three stars and the truth

Having failed to set the world alight with our first attempt to make it to the top of the Christmas pops with our song A Perfect Christmas, we decided to have one more crack of the whip and throw a bit of money at the problem. Following 2013’s DIY approach to music promo, this time…Continue readingThree stars and the truth

What ever happened to Mulled? Rich? Famous?

Update: Three Stars and the Truth (February 2015) I’ve been meaning to write a summary of how the whole “release a Christmas single and never have to work again” project went. If you’ve been paying attention you’ll know that last summer David Graham and I recorded a song called A Perfect Christmas that we wrote…Continue readingWhat ever happened to Mulled? Rich? Famous?

Ireland’s seventh best new Christmas song 2013

See also: Three Stars and the Truth (February 2015) Last week brought good news and bad for our Christmas single. On Thursday morning we learned that we’d been selected by RadioAirplay from over a thousand submissions as one of the top twenty new holiday songs for 2013. For that we were given 1,500 free airplay credits…Continue readingIreland’s seventh best new Christmas song 2013

A perfect video for A Perfect Christmas

The video for our Christmas single is finally ready. With HUGE thanks to Stephen, John and friends at Lovely Toons, who have put in countless long hours over the last month or so, mostly out of the goodness of their hearts, we now have a really nice animation to go with the song. This will…Continue readingA perfect video for A Perfect Christmas

How early is too early?

I know, I know… October has only just begun and it’s far too early to be talking about Christmas (again!). But we’re starting to contact various people that might be able to help us with pushing the single and we thought it would be best to have it already available on the various digital platforms.…Continue readingHow early is too early?