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Give bees a chance

I was going to start this post with a famous quote from Einstein that apparently inspired Taggart Siegel to make his film Queen of the Sun. But a quick search to find the actual wording of the quote suggests that he never actually said the words. So I won’t spread further misinformation (or at least misattribution). The fact is, nonetheless,...


Snail on blueberry

Nadine bought blueberries at the Noodermarkt organic market on Saturday. We found this little fella clinging on to one of them.


22,000 happy hens

This is a nice idea from our current country of residence. Most of the “adopt a whatever” schemes trade on the warm fuzzy feeling of having something good done in your name. There’s a donkey somewhere in West Yorkshire that was adopted in Nadine’s name; I think she can go to visit it if she feels the urge, but I...