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Paléo Festival – Nyon – 22-27.07.2014

The wettest July ever around these parts apparently, so I was reasonably lucky to experience probably the only two rain-free evenings at Paléo 2014. I have the impression that, despite the rain and mud, it was a pretty good Paléo. I certainly enjoyed my two visits, on Thursday and Sunday, and Nadine heard some good music on Tuesday evening. Most...


Paléo Festival – Nyon – 23-28.07.2013

I have a feeling this won’t go down as one of the better Paléo years. I haven’t been reading reviews in the local press, but if the two nights I was there for are anything to go by, the musical highlights were few and far between. Of course Paléo is about a whole lot more than music. For a sizable...


Paléo Festival – Nyon – 17-22.07.2012

I’ve been intending to write a post about the Paléo Festival, given that gig reviews have made up a large portion of my posts in the past. Paléo is a six day music and arts festival that takes place in the town of Nyon, mid-way between Geneva and Lausanne. It’s a really nice festival: great food, clean toilets, and lots...