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Amusing ourselves to death

Studying communications at DCU in Dublin, as you’d expect, we had to do a lot of reading. (With something like 12 hours of lectures per week, I guess we had to do something with all that spare time!) I know now that the things I read there, from the age of 17 to 20, influenced the way I thought and...


We are our choices (not our talents)

I recently spotted a link (on Reddit? Kottke? I can’t recall…) to a graduation speech given by Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com’s founder, at Princeton earlier this year. He emphasises the difference between gifts and choices, quoting his grandfather: “One day you’ll understand that it’s harder to be kind than clever.” We’ve all got skills and talents – gifts that are given...


Life and music

An audio recording of philosopher Alan Watts set to an animation by the South Park guys. Treat life like a piece of music – make sure you sing along or dance while the music is playing; don’t just wait for the end. I think I found this via Reddit, posted on a blog called Penguin Feather. The animation is hosted...