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Cover Me, Cover You

I was thinking a while back about how much I’ve enjoyed those few times I’ve heard other people singing songs that I wrote. That train of thought prompted me to kick off a discussion on the WeAreTheMusicMakers (WATMM) subreddit, where it became clear there would be interest in an initiative where songwriters would agree to cover each other’s songs. I...



I had a pleasant surprise about six weeks ago when an email from the administrators at Radio Reddit popped into my inbox asking whether I’d agree to having one of  my songs on a compiliation album they were putting together. Fast forward to tomorrow, the release day for The Best of Radio Reddit, where track 15 of 17 is my...


Fête de la musique 2012

I was really pleased that my application to play at the Fête de la musique 2012 in Geneva was accepted. I played last Saturday evening on the lake stage in Parc des Cropettes. The sun shone, there were lots of familiar faces in a reasonable sized crowd, and it was really great to sing my own songs on a big...