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The Moi Aussi video

I wrote previously about how I came to write the song Moi Aussi. I sang it live at the Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern on St. Patrick’s Day, a performance which served as the basis for the video below. The video was published to mark World Down Syndrome Day 2018 on 21 March. As I type this, the Facebook post...


A song for Robert

My Silver Son is a song I wrote for my second son Declan, just before he turned two. I finally managed, a couple of months ago, to write one for my first son Robert. First In My Eyes is a song about being a father, making the most of the time we have with our kids, and the hopes we have...


In search of the Perfect Christmas video

A quick recap: David Graham and I wrote and, in 2013, recorded a Christmas song We had a nice animated video made for it, and tried the DIY approach to promoting the single for Christmas 2013… …without a huge amount of success So we spent a bit of money to hire a promoter for Christmas 2014; alas, once again without...


Selling myself

I’m excited about a gig I have coming up on Friday this week, when I’ll play at Le Box, in Carouge. I’m one of two support acts, with a duo called Zepless at the head of the bill. It’s a dedicated music venue with a proper audio and lighting set-up, dedicated sound engineer and – hopefully – a nice warm...


What ever happened to Mulled? Rich? Famous?

Update: Three Stars and the Truth (February 2015) I’ve been meaning to write a summary of how the whole “release a Christmas single and never have to work again” project went. If you’ve been paying attention you’ll know that last summer David Graham and I recorded a song called A Perfect Christmas that we wrote together some years ago. We...


A perfect video for A Perfect Christmas

The video for our Christmas single is finally ready. With HUGE thanks to Stephen, John and friends at Lovely Toons, who have put in countless long hours over the last month or so, mostly out of the goodness of their hearts, we now have a really nice animation to go with the song. This will make it much easier for...


He’s walkin’

Having put a little video together to capture the period when Robert was dragging himself around the apartment during the summer, I couldn’t resist doing the same now that he’s just started walking. It was shot and edited in the couple of hours either side of his bedtime this evening. The soundtrack is old school again, with a Fats Domino...


Don’t Fence Him In

A little video I shot of Robert one day (the first one in the video, as it happens) inspired me to make this montage. He was in pre-crawling phase where he was dragging himself around the apartment noisily and enthusiastically. As you’ll see in the video, he had a habit of stopping just as he reached a room and peering...


Bobblehead Robert

I finally got around to capturing Robert’s latest habit on film. We’re not sure whether it’s a dance or just his way of saying he’s happy, but either way it’s very cute. He’s 8.5 months now by the way.


My Minority Report moment

I’ve never actually seen the Tom Cruise movie in question, but I knew what my colleagues from the comms department were talking about when they asked me whether I would help out with a Minority Report style corporate video. They were looking for a native English speaker, perhaps a little bit of acting experience, and ideally a young attractive female....